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Effects of Global Warming and Climate Change
GLobal Warming and Climate change Effects of Global Warming


We have a growing problem in the guise of greenhouse gas emissions. Affecting our climatic conditions and imposing on us the threat of environmental and natural calamities, the consolidated dangers of greenhouse gas emissions are looming large ahead of us. For once the world and its leaders have come out collectively to join and unite under one common blanket in their efforts towards reducing greenhouse gas emissions. While change in the earth’s atmospheric and environmental condition is inevitable, the need of the hour is for us to focus on a medium of existence that does not impose unnecessary duress on an already worsening situation.

Reducing greenhouse gas emissions can be achieved in two stages:

  • Climate Change Education and Public awareness
  • Reduction in Carbon emission

There has to be a consolidated effort in both areas if we are to reach anywhere near reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

The action on “how to reduce greenhouse gas emissions” is not just a global and national responsibility. It is as much an individual responsibility too. Here are just some of the ways in which we can all pool in our efforts towards reducing greenhouse gas emissions:

Less dependability on fossil fuels – Oil, natural gas, coal constitutes fossil fuels. A growing population resulted in excessive demands on these resources leading to quick depletion. Instead of depending on these fuels for taking care of electricity, heating, transportation etc. we need to start using renewable sources of energy to effectively reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Renewable sources of energy such as solar energy, hydroelectric and nuclear power, wind power is just as efficient and effective in taking care of our various needs. Most importantly their utilization will greatly reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Using bio-degradable material – Plastic covers and bags took the world by storm and are major contributors towards greenhouse gas emissions. The consumer and business world depended on plastic because it was lighter, easier and cheaper to use. However what they failed to understand at that time was that plastic is an environmental hazard simply because it is a non degradable material. During its production several synthetic chemicals such as ethylene oxide, benzene are released which add to the greenhouse effect. By saying no to plastic, you are saying no to its production and in effect helping with reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Setting up a system of checks and measures in place – Industries as we know are a leading cause of greenhouse gas emissions. What we need is a responsible system in place which can check industrial waste. This means all those industries which emit poisonous and toxic gases into the atmosphere need to be bought under the radar to facilitate reduction in greenhouse gas emissions. If possible do away completely with all those industries which manufacture and produce materials that lead to an increase in greenhouse gas emissions. Of course this is easier said than done. However if we really want to ease the pressure on an already sapped and fast depleting ozone layer, then the drive to reduce greenhouse gas emissions has to taken on a war footing.

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