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Effects of Global Warming and Climate Change
GLobal Warming and Climate change Effects of Global Warming

Global Warming

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Global warming is a change in the atmosphere, causing a change in the weather. The scientific community has assumed that in the last 50 years, there has been an increase in greenhouse gases, for causing the change in the atmosphere.
In addition to this observation, it was determined that humanity and Geology is not the cause of our problems. The greatest effect of global warming greenhouse gases. Greenhouse gases are water vapor, nitrous oxide and carbon dioxide. These fossil fuels and by the human race burning more and more it contributes to the greenhouse effect.

Global Warming

Global Warming - THe HEAT!
If global temperatures are increasing then what happens is the sea level will rise because glaciers and snowcaps will melt and fall in the ocean, thereby causing ocean levels to rise. Also, changes in temperature will cause more hurricanes, heat waves, droughts and tornadoes. The storms such as hurricanes and tornadoes feed on warm weather.

Global Warming

As global warming, not only will there be changes in the earth, but animals like polar bears and walruses that depend on cold weather to survive will fall into extinction. More rivers and lakes are warmer and in countries where water is not safe to begin with will grow bacteria and causing germs and disease. If you are more interested in the causes of global warming see the film Inconvienant Truth by Al Gore.

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