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Effects of Global Warming and Climate Change
GLobal Warming and Climate change Effects of Global Warming

Global Warming Organizations

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There are so many companies and enterprises that contribute to the effects of global warming yet there is no comparison that many organizations that help either. But the truth is, there is more than a hundred organizations or groups who are trying to save the planet, when there are so many working against him.

In addition to groups and organizations, there are millions of people trying to help them back what they can do, even celebrities such as Leonardo DiCaprio, Susan Sarandon, Charlize Theron George Clooney and many others.

Global warming, organizations supporting
Big favorable time of the environment are Bill Clinton and Al Gore. Al Gore made a huge contribution to the efforts of the spotlight in a documentary entitled The Truth Disadvantage, he showed the country and the world and the effects of what they are today and what they might be in a substance or 40 or 50 years.

Bill Clinton himself had created an organization called Global Initiative Clinton, and Clinton Climate Initiative, so that it firmly believes that people are donating money left and right for the cause . More recently, Richard Branson, founder of Virgin Inc, has donated $ 3 billion for help.

Global Warming Organizations-Who are they?

These are the heavy power hitters; Here are some other organizations that have joined the fight to resume our planet. California Interfaith Power and Light, Climate Solutions, Global Warming International Center, a network of greenhouse heat is online, KyotoUSA and Oil Change International. The cooperative San Francisco biofuels, Titanic Lifeboat Academy trees and a future.

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