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Effects of Global Warming and Climate Change
GLobal Warming and Climate change Effects of Global Warming

Global Climate Change

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If you are looking for a sign that global warming exists, we will show signs of a global climate change, after you read this if you have nit believe in global warming before you today.

The first signs are called fingerprints and the use of this term is taken to mean that they are the direct result of an event that occurs is widespread course of a long-term trend. First impressions are heat waves and stretches of time when the weather was unusually warm.

Global Climate Change-What happens?

The next fingerprint is the warming of the oceans, rising sea level is gradually each year. Glacier melting, places in areas such as the cold Antarctica and Greenland showed some signs of melting..

Global Climate Change

The next warning signs are called, which are events which led to the impact of global warming. The spread of the disease, what would happen if water supplies in third world countries is dry or are infected with bacteria because the water is warm. The early arrival of spring and the late arrival of winter. Coral bleaching, extreme weather conditions, rain, heavy snowfall and flooding.

Global Climate Change-What can be done now?

These fingerprints and precursors occurring in the world, as a planet, we must find a way to combat it or our season will cease to exist. Our sea level and flood our shores and the animals that make their homes in the cold as polar bears, walruses and penguins will not exist.

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