Fact or Fiction?


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Change is the legacy that binds both humanity and the earth; it is a trend that has been prevalent through the better part of the 4.5 billion years of earth’s existence. There has been a constant tug of war between phases of extreme heat and cold, periods when the earth was brimming with life and periods when life became impossible and obsolete. Periodic climatic changes, astronomical miracles and disasters have been a part of that legacy of change. The earth has always been in the grip of this never ending cycle of destruction and rebirth and this is what has shaped the earth through the ages. Proof in the form of ancient tree rings, stalagmites and isotopes in the ice all point out the discrepancies in the irradiance of the sun. And that much is established, that any change in the sun has a direct and profound effect on earth. So now when all of sudden there is so much of hype and uproar about the new environmental devil, Global Warming, supposedly purported by the human race and its irresponsible behavior, then one is forced to question its authenticity. Perhaps global warming and cooling has always been there and we are only getting to realize this now.


The Effects of Global Warming are real!

Scientists and men of repute from all over the world now argue over the very basis of global warming. Contradicting scientific reports actually point out towards an increase in the size of Greenland’s ice mass as well as in the number of its polar bears. With such reports and findings in place, it becomes very difficult to add credibility to the assumed truth behind the cause of global warming.

To site another example; there are a lot of reasons given for the extinction of the mythical Viking/Norwegian community. However the one that makes absolute sense points out that during the period when this community set up base on Greenland’s coasts, there was a sudden cooling bought about by the naturally revolving atmospherically cycle. This cooling of temperatures was in all likelihood the sole reason behind their disappearance. Now going to the phase when the earth heats up, nature has a automatic thermostat in the form of evaporation. So every time there is a discernible rise in the level of waters of the seas, evaporation increases. As is obvious, nature already had her answer to global warming long before we even existed. So once again, this whole debate and emphasis on global warming being a result of human actions looks suspect.

In a 400 page report by the Food and Agricultural Organization, a survey showed that almost 18% of greenhouse emissions and gases leading to global warming are caused by the world’s 1.5 billion livestock. No, cars, ships and planes did not add to global warming half as much as cattle such as cows, pigs, goats and sheep. Methane gas (emitted from the wind and manure of cattle like cows) can heat up the earth a staggering 20 times faster than notorious carbon dioxide!

The earth has been around for billions of years and over this period it has seen numerous phases of changes leading to global warming and cooling. It becomes easy to understand and see how nature has evolved and developed corrective checks and measures to counter any and all upheavals. The real question then is whether or not we truly understand these occurrences? Are we programmed to self destruct (going by our irresponsible actions of polluting) or is there a much bigger hand at play here? Is global warming really fact or fiction?

In time we will get to the bottom of these questions. How soon we can do that, is what needs to be seen.