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Effects of Global Warming and Climate Change
GLobal Warming and Climate change Effects of Global Warming

Climate Change - Goverment Actions

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The governmental of the USA and the U.N. said that Climate Change has been confirmed what many of us already know -- the climate is changing and we are the cause.

Even more alarming, the report identified the potential for dramatic changes unless our emissions of greenhouse gases are significantly reduced. Bargaining in Bali, Indonesia, in December will try to resolve these questions, but few experts believe that the discussion will achieve reductions scientists say are necessary. It can be assumed that a certain degree of climate change is inevitable.

Climate Change - what can we do?

The first, by reducing the emission of greenhouse gases responsible for climate change has received the most attention, forming the basis of the Kyoto Protocol and various policies by successive Canadian governments. The second would be combating climate change by improving the capacity of our communities and businesses to address climate change (effects of global warming)and potentially avoid irreversible damage. Known as the adaptation, this approach to combating climate change has received little attention by the government and the media.

Given the already serious problems posed by climate change across Canada, and the inevitability of a certain degree of climate change to come, the increase in our ability to adapt is crucial . In addition, the identification of ways to cope can also help us to take advantage of new opportunities presented by climate change. How can facilitate adaptation to climate change?

A good starting point for Climate Change examination of the way it currently manages climatic. All levels of government, business and civil society have experience in the development and implementation of plans to cope and deal with hazards such as floods, heat waves, epidemics, drought and storms. Learning from successes and failures today will help us better manage climate change, which should enhance the magnitude and frequency of these risks

Here is what they plan to reduce Climate Change:

  • The development of effective early warning systems.
  • The development plans that identify competence and the guide answered during the events in danger.
  • Contingency planning for the worst case scenario.
  • The development of risk maps to help guide development in areas of low risk and prevent development in high-risk areas.
  • Regional planning maintains that natural features such as wetlands, which reduce the frequency and severity of hazards.
  • The identification of safe areas accessible by members of the community during the events of risk, such as community \ "cooling centers' for vulnerable people during heat stress waves heat.
  • The maintenance of an emergency fund to facilitate recovery.
  • Climate change will also result in the emergence of new risks with which we have limited experience in Canada. Risks exist will also become more widespread affecting areas previously not.
  • Faced with these new risks will result in:
    I nvestment in our health systems so that they are ready for emerging health threats associated with climate change.
  • Integration of climate change projections in the development of infrastructure, building codes and hazard mapping.
  • Strengthening systems for predicting risk.

This must be done to increase our preparedness to climate change. To strengthen our adaptability we need to know how different regions and sectors of the economy are vulnerable to climate change, how they are vulnerable, and why. Climate Change is here, lets do something about it!.

Excepts from TRISTAN P,.JAMES F.

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